What initially started as a senior thesis project focusing on the Obesity issue, eventually manifested into Progress Ware, a cup and plate designed to help steer users to eat up to 25% less per meal.

6 months were spent researching and another 6 spent analyzing data and prototyping various solutions. Obesity is a huge multifaceted issue that does not have one nice neat solution.  At the end of the day, the best approach was the simplest one, to remake a familiar object people can easily use.

Progress Ware is designed for daily use by acting as a catalyst for a bigger change by helping people accustom to consuming less first.



A glimpse into various mindsets, infrastructures and education behind the issue



Obesity arose from a combination of problems, there is no easy solution. I did notice two recurring prominent themes, psychology & education. My goal was to design with these two themes in mind. 

Psychology:  The attitude and mentality makes a world of difference between those who overcome obesity and those who do not.

Education: Not knowing the serving size, nutritional value, what is the difference is between junk/fast food and "real" food is a main factor that prevents people from making the right dietary choices.



Common Scenarios where overconsumption occurs.



Which product  to channel and manifest all the findings and research into?


Digging Deeper

Focusing on objects we interact with most during eating, plates and cups.



Prototyping involved paper mocks to 3D printing, silicone injection molding, CNC'd milled molds, and resin casting. 



Plate: 25% of the plate is raised as a visual reminder to not place food there to not fill the place

Control: Empowering words on placed on the back of the plate, seen by users every time he reaches for it from the dish rack or cabinet prior to usage.

Cup: The cup is sectioned off 20% in order for users to drink less regardless of beverage.