At meals, we typically do one of two things.

We either were taught to finish our plates and not waste food, or we learn its ok to overload our larger than normal sized plates and toss away leftovers. Previous generations had a standard 9”dinner plate. Modern dinner plates are anywhere from 10-14+ inches. 

There are two outcomes from this, we either consume too much or throw away too much. According to the environmental protection agency in the USA, a family of four throws away an equivalent of $1600 a year on unused produce. It is estimated Americans throw away more than 50 million tonnes of food annually, contributing to green house gases since organic waste is the second largest component in land fills.

The progress plate sections off a quarter of the plate where users are encouraged to either leave the area empty, or fill the area but learn to leave food behind. 

Why not learn how to place less food on our plates in the first place?